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Fairytales: Once Upon A Modern Time

Published November 29, 2013 by sophiachandler

This is yet another subject that I am currently interested in. I don’t know how it started, but I love reading books that have anything to do with fairytales. I used to read The Sisters Grimm and Half Upon A Time last year, all the time. The Sisters Grimm is especially fun to read – it’s a series of nine books featuring an eleven-year-old girl named Sabrina Grimm and her younger sister, Daphne, whose parents have mysteriously vanished. They are adopted by a woman who claims she is their grandmother, Granny Relda, and go to live with her in a strange town called Ferryport Landing. There, they discover that they are the descendants of the Grimm brothers, and the inhabitants in the town are all characters from fairytales.

The series was nice. I was sad when it ended 😦 Something else I’d like to read is the comic Fables, apparently about the characters of fairytales who are now living in the modern world. I’ve read the Wiki pages… some of the themes seem kind of…. I don’t know, gruesome? Not fairytales for kids if you ask me.

Fairytales don’t necessarily have to come in book form…

(image taken from TV Film News)

Once Upon A Time is an absolutely amazing TV show. It’s my absolute favorite. Ever. To ensure that no one in Fairytale Land – especially Snow White – had anymore “happily ever afters,” Evil Queen Regina cast a curse which trapped the fairytale characters, frozen in time, and brought them into the modern world. Although still alive, they had no knowledge of their former selves and were sleepwalking through life – ageless—for 28 years, until their savior arrived in the form of Emma Swan, who, unbeknownst to her, is actually Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter.

Fun fact: in real life, Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, is best friends with Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White. Plus, Ginnifer Goodwin is engaged and expecting a baby with her fiance, Josh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming. Congratulations to the both of them! (Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas Expecting First Child)

Speaking of fairytale-themed books, I’ve just joined Goodreads! I love that website as much as I love Nameberry (which is saying a lot) and I can’t believe it took so long for me to click the Sign Up button. I’ve also recently discovered Shannon Hale, who wrote Princess Academy…. and I love the series.

If you want to recommend any other good fairytale-related reads to me, feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments! That would be greatly appreciated, because I’m running out of good reading material (although I am currently reading The Book Thief).

(Please excuse me for the lame title. I couldn’t think of anything else better to write at that point of time.)