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Teensy Update

Published January 17, 2014 by sophiachandler

I have to stop fangirling over Ao Haru Ride and get back to my work.

(It’s a sweet-but-cliche manga that had me almost in tears. Which means that it’s Beautiful~)

A teeny update: YAY STARTING WORK ON THE FANFIC. And we (Kia and I) might set up a little WordPress blog catering to our Cheezinn-fangirling needs 😀 WDYT?

On a side note, I realise I haven’t been crushing on any new names for quite a while, but I discovered Persephone and I adore it. I love the nicknames Perry, Saffy and Effie (as in Effie Trinket THG anyone?). WDYT?



A Confession (and The Definition of Cute)

Published November 24, 2013 by sophiachandler

(Update on November 29, 2013… because I was high while doing this, so I’m adding some new stuff in!)

The title says it all: I have a confession to make. I have a pretty strange obsession… well, not so much of an obsession that you should put me on My Strange Addiction, but it is pretty strange…

I’m obsessed with baby names!

Yeah, names. Like Mason or Amanda or Fergus or Lilith. I’m pretty much obsessed. I bug my best friend about it all the time during Skype calls and on Facebook 😛 Ninety percent of the time I’m using the Internet, I go to Nameberry.

I first started being interested in names when I started writing an actual story. I can’t remember what it was about, but I do know that I spent quite a while poring over an old baby naming book my mum had used to name me when she was pregnant with me to search for the perfect name for my character. I think I named her Carolyn, eventually, but I was fascinated by all the meanings and the sounds and the images each name gave off.

I don’t know what exactly is so alluring about names… To me, each and every name has its own special character and personality. For example, I see Jane as a fresh college graduate with freckles, red curly hair and a dream to become a veterinarian. Weston is a surly teenager with hair the color of lemons and a sneer on his face, a cigarette in one hand, who very much wishes to get out of the miserable pit of hell he’s been living in after getting addicted to drugs. Alistair is (as he always is, in my mind’s eye) a kind old man with a love for books and reading and was, in his day, a famous author, who lives all alone in a big redbrick mansion up the hill near a nearby village. And Imogen Hope is an eleven-year-old sole heir to a five-star hotel chain currently run by her grandfather (her parents died when she was two), who mollycoddles her, leaving her a spoilt, sulky girl with strawberry blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and blue eyes.

Sorry, I can’t help it… 😦 I’m repeating this, but, behind every name there is a story… this is from Appellation Mountain, one of my favorite name blogs run by Abby Sandel. I mean story as in, a background, a character, an appearance, a personality, someone. I’m seeing a lot of name blogs like Appellation Mountain recently… thinking of beginning one! I think I might do posts on this topic on this blog too…

And now I discuss the definition of cute!

Recently, someone told me I was ‘cute’. *blushes* That’s the first time someone’s said that to me! And then today I was looking through Yahoo! Answers, and I found a question asking if the definition of cute was ‘ugly but adorable’.

How can something be ugly but adorable? ><

(photo taken from No Title Needed)

okay, maybe that one’s not so ugly ._.

Anyways, feel free to leave any comments if you want to discuss this 🙂


P.S. 10 followers! Maybe that’s not such a big deal to some of you but it sure is to me ^^

P.P.S. The ‘someone’ who said I was ‘cute’ was a boy.