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Merry Christmas

Published December 25, 2013 by sophiachandler


Merry Christmas everyone!

Did any of you guys get what you wanted for Christmas? Any new packets of air-dry clay (oh CCJ!), balls of yarn (hehe Kia) or Minecraft-related stuff (a certain Richard I know!)? Or a new computer perhaps? That dress you’ve been eyeing recently? A Starbucks gift card from a loved one?

I’m so very pleased with the bountiful abundance of gifts I recieved! There were gifts like the new Skullcandy headphones from my parents (thank you so much I love you to the sky and back okay!), gifts like the small but sweet keychain with my name spelt on it in alphabet beads that my best friend Emma gifted me, gifts like the somewhat touching small note that made me smile placed among the small treasure trove of items Clarissa bestowed upon me at the party last Saturday.

As corny as it sounds, Christmas isn’t all about the gifts that you receive, it’s about giving them. A confession: this year was the first year that I was actually buying something using the money that I had painstakingly tried not to use for buying my weekly frappes at Starbucks. And I enjoyed it, because, well, there’s something inside you that makes you feel good about using your own money and effort to get a loved one something to warm their heart.

I can’t believe I just wrote something that corny!

Speaking of which, did you know that Christmas is not the day on which Jesus Christ was born?

I know, I know, shocking. I read The Da Vinci Code a year back and discovered this fact. Apparently it’s something about Roman propaganda. I can’t remember the details, but it has something to do with Constanistople, the then Roman emperor at that time, converting to Christianity and mixing some of the pagan religion into Christianity. December 25th is actually the Roman Saturnalia in which everyone eats, drinks and is merry. Also, did you know that the halos of the angels are actually supposed to be the Romans’ sun disks?

I’m going to end my post here, but I shall leave you with some lyrics from my all-time favorite Christmas carol:

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree”

It’s from the Queen of Christmas – Mariah Carey!


A very merry Christmas everyone! Here’s hoping all your wishes come true!




Published December 23, 2013 by sophiachandler

To say that Saturday was anything but magic would not have been right.

Because it was.


Okay I’m just going to stop with the dramatic intro. I’m still on my #YOLO high after all my partying on Saturday. Remember I told you guys I would be partying non-stop for three days? I’m back! And ready to update you guys on what happened!

On Friday it was a gathering at Jason’s house. I might or might not have mentioned that. I’m just going to rush through this part because the real deal is the next day, but anyways, it was a bit awkward with all our friends around. Especially since they knew about it. I swear I tried to enjoy myself and have fun with Clarissa (remember the Cohens I went on vacation with? That was my best friend mentioned) and her lil’ sister, Elle. Who is too cute for words. I got myself wet splashing around in the wading pool after trying to get my slipper which I dropped in the pool. Then we played wink murder, which I shall not go into detail about because my performance was too embarassing to discuss.


“We’re goin’ at it tonight, tonight
There’s a party on the rooftop
Top of the world tonight, tonight
And we’re dancin’ on the edge of the Hollywood sign”
~Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

I think it was all a blur. But this is the party where I’ve finally opened out and stepped out of my comfortable, cynical, world-mocking shell for a long moment to take a deep breath and see the beauty of being human, of being crazy and normal and letting everything go for one night. We played Truth or Dare, and I let all my secrets evaporate into the misty, cool night air, not once stopping to turn back and bow my head. I hugged people. I hugged people I don’t talk to normally, people I’m wary of, people my once paranoid self termed as “hates me” and people I love and cherish very deeply (I’m talking about you Kia, CCJ, Clarissa and Sam!), so much that I point to them and go, “She’s my girlfriend.” (Remember that for your whole life, Kia!)

I think this is the first time I’ve truly ever felt like I belong.

Sunday was really nothing, but I managed to eat quite a bit for the buffet! I had a nice long nap afterwards ^^

Earlier today I had my high school orientation. It was nice seeing all my friends again, and hugging them to death, and learning that I would be taking up Japanese on the side together with Kia and a couple other friends. I got my books and stationery – the usual stuff. Nothing very new or exciting.

When I came home, I brainstormed a bit and… I am pleased to announce that I am in the midst of writing a new story! Once I proofread my first chaoter and stuff, it will be up on my Wattpad page. I’ll inform you guys too!

And I realise I haven’t been using my Twitter a lot lately… I’ll be starting to now!


Painting The Town Red

Published December 19, 2013 by sophiachandler

This is my last day before all the partying begins.

On Friday, a classmate of mine has organized a class-only gathering. Hooray. It’s a BBQ. I don’t think the barbecue will last that much longer since the weather forecast for the past few weeks have been rain, rain, and more rain. But it’ll be fun though, because I heard there’s a pool. Hopefully I won’t get pushed into the water, like last time.

On Saturday, after all my extra lessons, I’ll have to attend another gathering! This time it’s not a class-only gathering. Two of my close friends are organizing it! There’s also a pool in that house… and apparently an elevator?

On Sunday I’ll be forced to get into a dress for the Christmas brunch my extended family will be having together in one big bunch. The only reason I’m looking forward to the brunch is the food. It’s a buffet. I love buffets to heaven and back. It’s a wonder why I’m still so amazingly skinny (ask Kia)… apparently I have a black hole in my stomach.

On Monday I don’t have another party to attend, but I have Orientation Day at my new high school! I believe that will be exciting. I really want to know the girls who will be in the same class as me! It’s always so exciting to meet new people… but also a little daunting at times.

Looks like my weekend’ll be pretty packed.

Thank god I’ve already done all the gifts I’ll be giving out on Friday! I found a pack of gift tags hidden away somewhere in the corners of my cupboard, and I wrote individual messages on each of them. To all my friends who are reading my blog… hint, hint: check the messages on your gift tags. 😉 (I tried to be funny but I’m not)

While I’m waiting for Thursday to end and Friday to come around, I’m:

  • Writing this post
  • watching Lifesimmer videos (I swear, whenever a new video pops up I’m like a kid on Christmas Day)
  • Skyping friends. Especially Kia. Gommenasai for all the name spam ><
  • Browsing Nameberry. Like I said, addicted
  • Browsing the Internet, mostly celebrity gossip –

when I see this poster of The Fault In Our Stars on the Internet. Guys. Guys. It’s a friggin’ movie poster of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Woods. Starring Shailene Woodley!


Okay, I came back and I’ve checked all the websites to make sure that they’re turning this into a movie. Apparently they’d announced that they were going to film it a while ago AND I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE. I feel so dense right now…. How could I not have noticed that oen of my favorite books of all time was being turned into a freaking movie?


I think it’s funny that Ansel Elgort is acting as Caleb Prior in Divergent and Augustus Woods in TFIOS. For those not familiar with the series of Divergent and TFIOS, Shailene Woodley is acting as Beatrice Prior, Caleb’s sister in Divergent, and Hazel Grace Lancaster, the love interest of Augustus Woods in TFIOS. Not complaining though! Both of them are lovely actors.

And because I’ve started listening to really good songs lately, I’d like to present you guys with one of my favorite X Factor auditions of all time!


I’m Sleepy

Published December 18, 2013 by sophiachandler

(image taken from: Daily Puppy)

Note: I meant to post this a day earlier, but my Internet crashed *sniff sniff* Treat it as a bonus post 🙂

I’m writing this after a hectic last-minute-Christmas shopping trip which lasted nearly five hours. And that’s not even inclusive of the eating and drinking part.

Well… I’m not saying I didn’t have fun. 😛

Kudos to my aunt and shopping buddy who managed to stay patient as I “shop-hopped” from one store to another! There were seven stores in total – I counted.

And then after I was done with my shopping, we went to a Ben and Jerry’s and had ice cream – good times, good times 🙂

On Friday I’m going to be Santa…. *sigh*

Because this was such a short post, I’ll leave you with some parting lyrics 😉 hopefully you guys can guess the song name!

“There’s a history through her 
Sent to us as a gift from the future
To show us the proof
More than that, it’s to dare us to move
And to open our eyes and to learn from the sky
From a cemetery
In the center of Queens”


The Joys of Christmas… Cards

Published November 16, 2013 by sophiachandler

I know Christmas won’t be coming until a month later, but a friend of mine got me an early Christmas present yesterday! After the ice skating event, we were waiting for my dad to come pick us up from the mall when she dragged me over to this store with iPhone case displays (there was this especially adorable giraffe on one of them) and Hello Kitty Polaroid cameras… and inside the store there was this display of miniature clay desserts like in the picture below:



(image taken from carolyn tillie: silver and polymer clay desserts)

My friend got me some fruit tarts on a plate that looked so much like the real thing, except much smaller (and cuter!). As she paid at the counter, I couldn’t help but think of what I was going to give to my friends and family this year.

This year I think I’d like to do a card. I’m not an artsy kind of person who is good with his/her hands and scrapbooking and clay and stuff, but I was scrolling through ideas for a handmade Christmas card to make using scrapbook materials, and there are SO MANY simple yet pretty cards that you could make using a few sheets of paper, some circle punches, glue and a ribbon. Here’s one:



(image taken from 36 Easy Handmade Christmas Card Ideas)




(image taken from Savvy Handmade Cards: Snowflake Merry Christmas Card)

I really want to do a few and just use them as decoration or something… they are TOO CUTE for words!

I admit maybe the second card might be a challenge, but I like the first card! It’s simple to make, but appealing… I think that will be a card that I’ll be making this Christmas.

On another note, I just discovered Pinterest…. now I feel like I’ve been living under a rock all those years. Why didn’t I discover it sooner?