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Queries (Writing, Love and the Likes)

Published January 25, 2014 by sophiachandler

I attended another beautiful gathering yet once again~

(it seems that I use ‘beautiful’ to describe all the gatherings I attend .-. I wonder why)

but nooooo it WAS fun being there with everyone even though I was giggly and high and had a bit of a lisp/mispronunciation problem going on throughout the whole thing. It was fun trying to tackle two people to the ground and tie them together using a rubber band chains so that they’d be handcuffed for life 😀 and using cheesy pick-up lines on each other and people who blush too easily and shipping people together and getting shipped with people and the guitar and dancing and phone-stealing and revenge and a whole lot of other things.


And when I left everyone including the guys hugged me (that shall be ticked off on my bucket list :D) and I left with warm, fuzzy memories :3

I’d like to know how it’s like to fall in love.

But now I’m home I have to do homework 3: and write my story :(:) and try desperately to develop my characters and MY GOD FINALIZE THEIR NAMES ALREADY SO YOU CAN WRITE and get my storyline straight. If anyone bothers to answer, here are a few questions I have about writing:

  1. How long should a chapter be? As in, approx. how many words/pages (on a Word document)?
  2. How long does it take for the pre-story planning process?




Twinkle Star

Published January 24, 2014 by sophiachandler

When I was younger I abused my worn-out copy or Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata.

I read it so many times, especially when I was about ten and was literally obsessed with everything remotely Japanese. I loved Katie and Lyn and their relationship and Silly and Sammy and I hated Amber with a passion so ardent that the name still gives me bad vibes and I refuse to like it.

I haven’t touched that book in a long while now, but it was one of the reasons why I have liked Japan and its culture ever since.

and then today I listened to this Innocently Angelic song by Kana Hanagawa:

It’s. Shiori. It’s Shiori from TWGOK ohmygosh this lady just sang a song from my favorite manga and anime and it was beautiful, period. How could I not resist falling in love with it? How could I not? Plus Shiori is one of my favorite targets in the series (second only to Ayumi/Tenri).

you have to listen to it.


That matter aside, I just want to say something about a certain friend (ahem ahem Kia *cough* cough*) that I’ve been talking to a lot reaaaaaally recently. Talking to as in spamming. Gommenasai Kia-chan~ but really thanks so much for putting up with my stuff and pretending to be interested even though you weren’t really though or maybe you were I couldn’t tell. And supporting me throughout whatever I did. And forcing me to stay true to my task and pissing off Alex (I gave up on that fanfic in the end, guys. .-.). And telling me I was brave for defending someone (really, I wasn’t, maybe it was a little brave, but it was estupido).

So thanks.

And I love you. Not in the romantic way.


P.S. that was the most awkward confession ik


Published January 22, 2014 by sophiachandler

3 heaps of anger
A dash of confusion
2 teaspoons of the desire to punch somebody (specifically, said person who started the argument)
A Skype group chat

1. Toss the anger, confusion and desire to punch somebody in a mixing bowl.
2. Sift the mixture through the Skype group chat. Make sure mixture is fine.
3. Heat up the mixture at boiling temperature for fifteen minutes. Slowly, pour in hell and stir mixture until thick.
4. Let dish simmer for a few minutes, while adding vulgarities.
5. The dish is now ready to be served.

*note: this dish serves a very pissed-off tree, a meh sheepcat, the cool-calm-collected-but-not-really guy and the camwhore named after diapers.

Tinier-than-Teensy Update

Published January 22, 2014 by sophiachandler

Tinier-than-Teensy Update

I can’t believe it.


I’m currently trying to make Japanese flashcards.

And I’m confused. About a lot of stuff. And sad. Mostly guility. Kind of anger. Somewhat understanding.

How do you apologize to someone whom you called a ‘worthless piece of shit’?

I don’t think you know who I am in real life.

sorry anyways.



Published January 15, 2014 by sophiachandler

I’m finally able to squeeze in a short update in between all my business and shaz…

I’m not gonna lie. School’s fun to an extent.

Mainly because of Juniper who’s sitting a seat away from me. SHE’S AWESOME because she actually reads shojo manga instead of Naruto -.- (I don’t have anything against Naruto, it’s just that all the anime/manga people in our class, which is 75% are Naruto lovers and Naruto lovers only except for Juniper, her three friends and me) AND TWGOK AND Nisekoi AND Watashi Nii xx Shinasai AND wanted to try Ao Haru Ride as well. AND she listens to Vocaloid. AND because she also ships Alex with her childhood friend “because it was just like a typical shojo plot”.

Can you tell how much I adore her?

About Alex and her childhood friend: I’m calling him Declan because who cares he seems like one. Alex and Declan are really good together, that’s probably why their non-existent relationship is shipped by so many awesome people~ including Juniper and me of course! And it doesn’t exactly hurt that Alex’s best friend likes Declan too~ it thickens the plot.

so this post was a short one but have no fear I’ll be BACK on the weekends with an update on my Japanese class~


The Thing About Selfies

Published January 12, 2014 by sophiachandler


After spending three days two nights at a school camp where I was stuck sleeping in a classroom with thirty other hyperactive, TFiOS-extreme-fangriling, 1D-loving girls, I can honestly say that I am grateful for boys to keep my sanity.


I don’t get how people like taking pictures of themselves and posting them online so thate evryone may admire them and bow down at their feet. I think it’s narcisstic. And vain. And fake. Said selfie-taker will post a caption saying something like “at starbucks with mah bffs ❤ their caramel frap #swag” or “swear i wasn’e even trying to take a picture…. #accidental selfie but i love my face…. don’t you? ;)” (how they manage to look so bliddy perfect with makeup and fake eyelashes and a lot of mascara is beyond me. obviously the picture was TOTALLY accidental…. not like they didn’t hit the camera button accidentally or anything…) And everyone in the comment session is like “PREEEEEEETTY” or “cutiepie 😉 ily” or “damn you hawt” or whatever comments that showcase their incredible use of vocabulary. Because hawt is actually a proper word.

Of course, I mean, I understand if some people take a selfie for their profile picture, so that friends, family and acquaintances can recognize your face and friend/follow you on social media, but taking daily selfies to post on Instagram frustrates and confuses me. I like pictures of people in their natural state, not looking at the camera with fake makeup and all that shaz. But that’s just my personal preference.

And speaking of natural state, look at the #accidentalselfie one. I…. ugh. That selfie makes me roll my eyes and click said selfie-user’s account, finger hovering just above the “unfollow” button as I decide if this person is still worthy enough to be followed…

I love this article on Smosh in which they discuss #accidentalselfie:

19 Allegedly Accidental Selfies

Here’s a peace offering for my three-day absence:

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living and above all, those who live without love.”
~Albus Dumbledore

I’ve been rereading my Harry Potter and… this quote is so Beautifully Haunted.


Walls (are the only exciting thing in this post)

Published January 2, 2014 by sophiachandler


Today marked the first ever day of my going to a new high school! It was… interesting. There were (loud) school cheers and classmates that I’m not sure if I’ll get used to and seniors so full of energy and nearly bouncing off the walls and old friends and scary teachers behind a nice disguise and a camp briefing.

Basically, eh.

But it was still nice seeing all of my friends and the food in the cafeteria 🙂 and knowing which classes we would be joining 😦 and which classes we wouldn’t be.

Okay sorry this isn’t much of a post! But nothing new really happened these past few days… so yeah. This is the only exciting piece of news I could share with you today.

But I’ll drop in a song:

“Oh damn these walls
In the moment we’re ten feet tall
And how you told me after it all
We’d remember tonight
For the rest of our lives

If these wings could fly”

~Birdy, Wings

Walls are kind of a recurring theme in my life .-.