Sneak Peek

Published January 19, 2014 by sophiachandler

So here’s a not-so-small snippet of the fanfic:

“You’re moving?” he asks, a trace of disbelief evident in his voice. His eyes are wide. Whether with disappointment, shock, or both, she doesn’t know, but she notices the way his hands ball into fists at his sides, and then relax once more again.

She can’t even understand why he’s looking so upset. The last time they spoke was in the exact same hallway, a week before, when he’d brushed against her accidentally while they were rushing to get to their classes; her to Biology, him to English. He’d apologized briefly and dashed away in the opposite direction before she could say anything.

“Yeah, I am,” she responds warily. She closes her locker, spins the dial on the lock and picks up her bag, slinging it over one shoulder. She looks up. He stares back at her. She can’t read the emotion on his face. Confusion, maybe? She lifts her chin and returns his gaze with an equally intense look.

She feels like they’re in first grade again, two kids standing beside the swing set, twin stubborn glares on their faces. Their arms crossed, glares leveled, stubbornness emerging.

She almost chuckles a little at the memory. That’s how they met. That’s how they became best friends.

That’s how they aren’t right now. Not in the best terms of friends.

That last statement makes her jolt back into reality. She breaks the connection, dropping her gaze. She turns to leave.

“Where’re you going?”

Rolling her eyes, she turns around. “Home, Declan. Home. You know. The house where I live. Where I eat and sleep.”

“Funny, I thought you lived in a garbage dump, not a house.”

“You done playing twenty questions or can I leave? I have other things to do other than playing games with you all day.”

“ I meant to ask you where you were moving to,” he says, his grin vanishing.

“Portland, Oregon,” she sighs. She hears him gasp slightly.

“Damn… that’s all the way on the other side of the country,” he mumbles.

“No shit, Sherlock.”

He’s quiet, letting all this new information process. She watches his face, all scrunched up and confused-looking. She knows that look. For years she recognized it as the confused look Declan got when he was trying to solve a complicated math equation.

His eyes are twin galaxies, still yet to be explored. His eyes were the reason she’d fallen for –

No. Wait. Wait. Her mind’s in a frenzy, trying to banish that piece of information from her mind. She can feel her cheeks heating up and turning scarlet. Alexandra Blanchett has never fallen for Declan Holtman. Ever. No no no scratch that, Alexandra Blanchett has and will never fall for anyone until she graduates from high school.


“You’re blushing,” he says.

“I’m not,” she says hotly.

“You were,” he says, smirking, and she feels the urge to kick him. Preferably, in the balls.

“Was not.”







I’m in love with their relationship. If you can’t tell. It reminds me of Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne (please go listen to it, I promise it’ll be AWESOME) because of the amount of denial that the two characters have when they’re trying to admit to the fact that they obviously do like/liked each other.

Which is the real thing :3 (I wish)

But I’m getting the feeling that it isn’t turning into a fanfic. It’s this real legit story of hopes and dreams that could possibly become a real tearjerker. And I hope that I’ll be able to stay committed throughout this story, because everything about it makes me want to continue and strive and expand their developing feelings.

If you liked this bit, like this post!



Teensy Update

Published January 17, 2014 by sophiachandler

I have to stop fangirling over Ao Haru Ride and get back to my work.

(It’s a sweet-but-cliche manga that had me almost in tears. Which means that it’s Beautiful~)

A teeny update: YAY STARTING WORK ON THE FANFIC. And we (Kia and I) might set up a little WordPress blog catering to our Cheezinn-fangirling needs 😀 WDYT?

On a side note, I realise I haven’t been crushing on any new names for quite a while, but I discovered Persephone and I adore it. I love the nicknames Perry, Saffy and Effie (as in Effie Trinket THG anyone?). WDYT?


Fanfictions are ALL Cliche

Published January 16, 2014 by sophiachandler

Remember how I mentioned in the previous post how Juniper and I have taken to shipping Alex and Declan? So she’s doing fanart because her drawing is crazy good, and I’m doing a fanfic. Here’s how my blurb looks like:

She’d never thought that she would see him again. She’d never expected him to turn up in the middle of the third-floor hall corridor, the same black square-framed glasses perched atop his nose. She’d never thought that he would emerge in her life the same way he did nearly two years ago.

She’d never thought that she would be foolish enough to fall in love with Declan Holtman.

I think this blurb is pretty good, if I daresay, given the fact that I wrote it under twenty minutes with a little revising at the side after school. But I can’t wait to begin writing this and naming characters (you guys know how much I love naming them) hopefully soon! And together with Juniper’s fanart…. thinking about this makes me want to hug a pillow to my chest and squeeze my eyes shut because I can only imagine the amount of romantic shojo sweetness going on in the next few weeks.

Here’s a rundown of the fanfic:

When Alexandra “Alex” Blanchett moved away from her small hometown of Travers, Maine, she left behind unsaid, lingering feelings of a boy whom she was foolish enough to like, despite her vow that she’d never develop any feelings for anyone until she reached the age of eighteen. Nearly two years later, and she’s starting senior year in Portland, Oregon, with hopes of becoming captain of the Greenbury High soccer team and scraping through her Calculus.

What she doesn’t expect is for Declan Holtman to turn up in the third-floor corridor.

And then from then on there will be awkward, cliche moments; romantic, cliche moments; sad, cliche moments; thrilling, cliche plot twists to keep this a sappy fanfic ❤

But fanfics are supposed to be cliche.

Aren’e they?



Published January 15, 2014 by sophiachandler

I’m finally able to squeeze in a short update in between all my business and shaz…

I’m not gonna lie. School’s fun to an extent.

Mainly because of Juniper who’s sitting a seat away from me. SHE’S AWESOME because she actually reads shojo manga instead of Naruto -.- (I don’t have anything against Naruto, it’s just that all the anime/manga people in our class, which is 75% are Naruto lovers and Naruto lovers only except for Juniper, her three friends and me) AND TWGOK AND Nisekoi AND Watashi Nii xx Shinasai AND wanted to try Ao Haru Ride as well. AND she listens to Vocaloid. AND because she also ships Alex with her childhood friend “because it was just like a typical shojo plot”.

Can you tell how much I adore her?

About Alex and her childhood friend: I’m calling him Declan because who cares he seems like one. Alex and Declan are really good together, that’s probably why their non-existent relationship is shipped by so many awesome people~ including Juniper and me of course! And it doesn’t exactly hurt that Alex’s best friend likes Declan too~ it thickens the plot.

so this post was a short one but have no fear I’ll be BACK on the weekends with an update on my Japanese class~


The Thing About Selfies

Published January 12, 2014 by sophiachandler


After spending three days two nights at a school camp where I was stuck sleeping in a classroom with thirty other hyperactive, TFiOS-extreme-fangriling, 1D-loving girls, I can honestly say that I am grateful for boys to keep my sanity.


I don’t get how people like taking pictures of themselves and posting them online so thate evryone may admire them and bow down at their feet. I think it’s narcisstic. And vain. And fake. Said selfie-taker will post a caption saying something like “at starbucks with mah bffs ❤ their caramel frap #swag” or “swear i wasn’e even trying to take a picture…. #accidental selfie but i love my face…. don’t you? ;)” (how they manage to look so bliddy perfect with makeup and fake eyelashes and a lot of mascara is beyond me. obviously the picture was TOTALLY accidental…. not like they didn’t hit the camera button accidentally or anything…) And everyone in the comment session is like “PREEEEEEETTY” or “cutiepie 😉 ily” or “damn you hawt” or whatever comments that showcase their incredible use of vocabulary. Because hawt is actually a proper word.

Of course, I mean, I understand if some people take a selfie for their profile picture, so that friends, family and acquaintances can recognize your face and friend/follow you on social media, but taking daily selfies to post on Instagram frustrates and confuses me. I like pictures of people in their natural state, not looking at the camera with fake makeup and all that shaz. But that’s just my personal preference.

And speaking of natural state, look at the #accidentalselfie one. I…. ugh. That selfie makes me roll my eyes and click said selfie-user’s account, finger hovering just above the “unfollow” button as I decide if this person is still worthy enough to be followed…

I love this article on Smosh in which they discuss #accidentalselfie:

19 Allegedly Accidental Selfies

Here’s a peace offering for my three-day absence:

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living and above all, those who live without love.”
~Albus Dumbledore

I’ve been rereading my Harry Potter and… this quote is so Beautifully Haunted.


Through Colored Glass

Published January 7, 2014 by sophiachandler

Through Colored Glass

As an apology, I’m posting anothef filler post, but with a much prettier picture (I wanna go to Paris D:). I’m so very sorry for not posting earlier and stuff… I’ve just been really busy these past few days and will continue to be in the near future. Hope you guys understand that I might only be able to update once a week on some days 😦
But I love this blog, and how far I’ve gone in the span of two months. I’ve put effort and hard work into making this blog part of me and what represents me. And thank you for following just another WordPress blog written by a girl who’s just a small speck on dirt 😀 thanks so much guys!
Let’s aim for an update a day!
Love, Sophia

Walls (are the only exciting thing in this post)

Published January 2, 2014 by sophiachandler


Today marked the first ever day of my going to a new high school! It was… interesting. There were (loud) school cheers and classmates that I’m not sure if I’ll get used to and seniors so full of energy and nearly bouncing off the walls and old friends and scary teachers behind a nice disguise and a camp briefing.

Basically, eh.

But it was still nice seeing all of my friends and the food in the cafeteria 🙂 and knowing which classes we would be joining 😦 and which classes we wouldn’t be.

Okay sorry this isn’t much of a post! But nothing new really happened these past few days… so yeah. This is the only exciting piece of news I could share with you today.

But I’ll drop in a song:

“Oh damn these walls
In the moment we’re ten feet tall
And how you told me after it all
We’d remember tonight
For the rest of our lives

If these wings could fly”

~Birdy, Wings

Walls are kind of a recurring theme in my life .-.