Sneak Peek

Published January 19, 2014 by sophiachandler

So here’s a not-so-small snippet of the fanfic:

“You’re moving?” he asks, a trace of disbelief evident in his voice. His eyes are wide. Whether with disappointment, shock, or both, she doesn’t know, but she notices the way his hands ball into fists at his sides, and then relax once more again.

She can’t even understand why he’s looking so upset. The last time they spoke was in the exact same hallway, a week before, when he’d brushed against her accidentally while they were rushing to get to their classes; her to Biology, him to English. He’d apologized briefly and dashed away in the opposite direction before she could say anything.

“Yeah, I am,” she responds warily. She closes her locker, spins the dial on the lock and picks up her bag, slinging it over one shoulder. She looks up. He stares back at her. She can’t read the emotion on his face. Confusion, maybe? She lifts her chin and returns his gaze with an equally intense look.

She feels like they’re in first grade again, two kids standing beside the swing set, twin stubborn glares on their faces. Their arms crossed, glares leveled, stubbornness emerging.

She almost chuckles a little at the memory. That’s how they met. That’s how they became best friends.

That’s how they aren’t right now. Not in the best terms of friends.

That last statement makes her jolt back into reality. She breaks the connection, dropping her gaze. She turns to leave.

“Where’re you going?”

Rolling her eyes, she turns around. “Home, Declan. Home. You know. The house where I live. Where I eat and sleep.”

“Funny, I thought you lived in a garbage dump, not a house.”

“You done playing twenty questions or can I leave? I have other things to do other than playing games with you all day.”

“ I meant to ask you where you were moving to,” he says, his grin vanishing.

“Portland, Oregon,” she sighs. She hears him gasp slightly.

“Damn… that’s all the way on the other side of the country,” he mumbles.

“No shit, Sherlock.”

He’s quiet, letting all this new information process. She watches his face, all scrunched up and confused-looking. She knows that look. For years she recognized it as the confused look Declan got when he was trying to solve a complicated math equation.

His eyes are twin galaxies, still yet to be explored. His eyes were the reason she’d fallen for –

No. Wait. Wait. Her mind’s in a frenzy, trying to banish that piece of information from her mind. She can feel her cheeks heating up and turning scarlet. Alexandra Blanchett has never fallen for Declan Holtman. Ever. No no no scratch that, Alexandra Blanchett has and will never fall for anyone until she graduates from high school.


“You’re blushing,” he says.

“I’m not,” she says hotly.

“You were,” he says, smirking, and she feels the urge to kick him. Preferably, in the balls.

“Was not.”







I’m in love with their relationship. If you can’t tell. It reminds me of Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne (please go listen to it, I promise it’ll be AWESOME) because of the amount of denial that the two characters have when they’re trying to admit to the fact that they obviously do like/liked each other.

Which is the real thing :3 (I wish)

But I’m getting the feeling that it isn’t turning into a fanfic. It’s this real legit story of hopes and dreams that could possibly become a real tearjerker. And I hope that I’ll be able to stay committed throughout this story, because everything about it makes me want to continue and strive and expand their developing feelings.

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One comment on “Sneak Peek

  • EEEEKS OMG FANFIC! *resists the urge to shout out shipname* Tell your readers to listen to Childhood Blues by Gumi, too, because it describes them perfecty. :3

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