Fanfictions are ALL Cliche

Published January 16, 2014 by sophiachandler

Remember how I mentioned in the previous post how Juniper and I have taken to shipping Alex and Declan? So she’s doing fanart because her drawing is crazy good, and I’m doing a fanfic. Here’s how my blurb looks like:

She’d never thought that she would see him again. She’d never expected him to turn up in the middle of the third-floor hall corridor, the same black square-framed glasses perched atop his nose. She’d never thought that he would emerge in her life the same way he did nearly two years ago.

She’d never thought that she would be foolish enough to fall in love with Declan Holtman.

I think this blurb is pretty good, if I daresay, given the fact that I wrote it under twenty minutes with a little revising at the side after school. But I can’t wait to begin writing this and naming characters (you guys know how much I love naming them) hopefully soon! And together with Juniper’s fanart…. thinking about this makes me want to hug a pillow to my chest and squeeze my eyes shut because I can only imagine the amount of romantic shojo sweetness going on in the next few weeks.

Here’s a rundown of the fanfic:

When Alexandra “Alex” Blanchett moved away from her small hometown of Travers, Maine, she left behind unsaid, lingering feelings of a boy whom she was foolish enough to like, despite her vow that she’d never develop any feelings for anyone until she reached the age of eighteen. Nearly two years later, and she’s starting senior year in Portland, Oregon, with hopes of becoming captain of the Greenbury High soccer team and scraping through her Calculus.

What she doesn’t expect is for Declan Holtman to turn up in the third-floor corridor.

And then from then on there will be awkward, cliche moments; romantic, cliche moments; sad, cliche moments; thrilling, cliche plot twists to keep this a sappy fanfic ❤

But fanfics are supposed to be cliche.

Aren’e they?



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