Painting The Town Red

Published December 19, 2013 by sophiachandler

This is my last day before all the partying begins.

On Friday, a classmate of mine has organized a class-only gathering. Hooray. It’s a BBQ. I don’t think the barbecue will last that much longer since the weather forecast for the past few weeks have been rain, rain, and more rain. But it’ll be fun though, because I heard there’s a pool. Hopefully I won’t get pushed into the water, like last time.

On Saturday, after all my extra lessons, I’ll have to attend another gathering! This time it’s not a class-only gathering. Two of my close friends are organizing it! There’s also a pool in that house… and apparently an elevator?

On Sunday I’ll be forced to get into a dress for the Christmas brunch my extended family will be having together in one big bunch. The only reason I’m looking forward to the brunch is the food. It’s a buffet. I love buffets to heaven and back. It’s a wonder why I’m still so amazingly skinny (ask Kia)… apparently I have a black hole in my stomach.

On Monday I don’t have another party to attend, but I have Orientation Day at my new high school! I believe that will be exciting. I really want to know the girls who will be in the same class as me! It’s always so exciting to meet new people… but also a little daunting at times.

Looks like my weekend’ll be pretty packed.

Thank god I’ve already done all the gifts I’ll be giving out on Friday! I found a pack of gift tags hidden away somewhere in the corners of my cupboard, and I wrote individual messages on each of them. To all my friends who are reading my blog… hint, hint: check the messages on your gift tags. 😉 (I tried to be funny but I’m not)

While I’m waiting for Thursday to end and Friday to come around, I’m:

  • Writing this post
  • watching Lifesimmer videos (I swear, whenever a new video pops up I’m like a kid on Christmas Day)
  • Skyping friends. Especially Kia. Gommenasai for all the name spam ><
  • Browsing Nameberry. Like I said, addicted
  • Browsing the Internet, mostly celebrity gossip –

when I see this poster of The Fault In Our Stars on the Internet. Guys. Guys. It’s a friggin’ movie poster of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Woods. Starring Shailene Woodley!


Okay, I came back and I’ve checked all the websites to make sure that they’re turning this into a movie. Apparently they’d announced that they were going to film it a while ago AND I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE. I feel so dense right now…. How could I not have noticed that oen of my favorite books of all time was being turned into a freaking movie?


I think it’s funny that Ansel Elgort is acting as Caleb Prior in Divergent and Augustus Woods in TFIOS. For those not familiar with the series of Divergent and TFIOS, Shailene Woodley is acting as Beatrice Prior, Caleb’s sister in Divergent, and Hazel Grace Lancaster, the love interest of Augustus Woods in TFIOS. Not complaining though! Both of them are lovely actors.

And because I’ve started listening to really good songs lately, I’d like to present you guys with one of my favorite X Factor auditions of all time!



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