The Power of FRUITS (and Their Unbelievable Cuteness)

Published November 28, 2013 by sophiachandler

I can’t believe I just discovered THIS:

(image taken from Juice Cubes: Android Apps on Google Play)
This game is absolutely cute. It’s kinda like Candy Crush (or, how my best friend pronounces it, ‘Cahndy Crrrrrrrrush”), but instead of candy, you get fruits like the apple pictured above, strawberries, coconuts and a grape. Also, in Candy Crush you have to ‘swap’ the candy around, whereas in here you’re just connecting the fruits together. You can make horizontal, vertical and diagonal connections. I’ve just started playing, but it’s difficult to concentrate because WILL YOU LOOK AT THOSE FRUITS. Those are the cutest ever fruits I have ever seen in my whole entire life!
I’m chatting to CCJ on Facebook right now, and I have obsessed greatly over the cuteness of Juice Cubes. She thinks I’m high. T^T No one here understands the true greatness of Juice Cubes. Meh.
Here’s a related post on Juice Cubes: Juice Cubes: A well made Candy Crush clone
I’m currently trying to update my About page, and failing terribly at it too, so you shall see an updated version coming up soon…. hopefully.
On that happy note, I shall now take my leave! (Nope, no songs for you guys (or, should I say: y’all) today.)

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