Memories Aglow

Published November 27, 2013 by sophiachandler

I would have reblogged this from Kia’s blog, but I decided not to slack off and do my own narrative instead. Heh. 😛

Yesterday Kia and a friend hosted a barbecue for some of the kids in our grade at her home. Only it wasn’t much of a barbecue, because it rained, and they couldn’t start the fire, so the fifty-something kids in attendance mucked around in the function room with the stereo that Kia’s dad brought down (and also with a soccer ball). Then some of them decided to jump in the pool, fully clothed (clearly, they were drunk on soda) and push others into the pool, including my best friend.

There’re several playgrounds in Kia’s home including swings and a rock-climbing thing and this superfantasticawesomesplendidamazing zipline which we all jumped on, and let me just tell you that it is so much fun hurtling down a rope with the wind in your face and your hair flying out behind you… and then reaching the end of the zipline, where the hook(?) that’s connecting the zipline to the seat strikes the stopper that prevents you from hitting the metal bar which is the end of the zipline, causing you to swing up high, and then travel back at a slower pace in the opposite direction, before coming to a stop.

And then at about eight we all feasted on marshmallows.

We didn’t get to roast them, because the fire died… T.T but marshmallows are soft and gooey and chewy even without being roasted so I didn’t really mind! 😀

I can’t really find anything else to say about it… it was all fun and magical and me being more chatty than usual, especially with some boys. The moment at the swings was when I got high on euphoria, because there’s something amazing about being high and free and almost flying off your seat when you’re trying to beat someone in a swing competition.

I went to bed pretty late, and when I woke up all I could remember were memories that were glowing at the edges, like someone snapped a picture of the whole thing with an Instagram filter.

I’m going to throw in some lyrics from a song that really symbolises how I feel about the whole thing…

“Three thousand miles away
Feels like it’s forever
Seems like yesterday
We were just running around town together”
~ 3000 Miles, Emblem3

I listen to Emblem3 too!



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